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Sigmon Dairy...

Thank you for your interest in Sigmon Dairy!

We are a very small Grade A Jersey dairy located in Ground Mound directly off I5. We are very proud of our milk and cream our cows produce. Our prices are very reasonable. We sell directly off our farm only, choosing to have a more personal relationship with our customers, striving to meet their individual needs. We sell only in glass containers, feeling that our products taste much better. This has been confirmed to us from many of our customers. We have several carpools from the Oly area and even Montesano. Our cows lead wonderful, happy lives. They are on pasture year round, living the way cows should.

Where is our milk available?

     * At the Farm - 360-273-7731
           - Daily 11am to 9pm
           - Near Rochester, WA

Sigmon Dairy
Joel & Charlotte Sigmon, owners
Located near Rochester, WA

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