Returning to study on a postgraduate course is often a route not undertaken as soon as you graduate from university, in fact more postgraduate students gain experience within their career or take a gap year before pursing this high intensity option.

Postgraduate courses after all are not for the faint hearted and quickly turn into full-time jobs as study become all-consuming. But how can you make the transition into postgraduate study a tad easier? Take a look at our top tips and balance work, study and life – with successful results.

Find a stress management solution that suits

Managing the stress involved in pursing postgraduate education is vital, and students that fail to find a solution that helps them keep on top of their academic responsibilities will quickly fall behind. Study related stress is a common occurrence for students at all levels, in fact, according to a survey by Student Living Report, 53% of all students see their stress levels rise when enrolling on a higher education course.

Whilst a certain level of stress helps you stay motivated and on track to achieve your goals, keeping stress low will be beneficial to your studies. Cut down on the extra-curricular activities that may put strain on you during postgraduate study. Looking after your body and soul will also keep your mind in tune, so lead a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Utilise student support services

Don’t be afraid to approach the student support service at your institution for help. Whether you are looking for stress management tips or need assistance sourcing funding to continue your postgraduate course, student support offers a variety of services for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Developing support networks at university or via family, friends and fellow students will help you to remain level-headed throughout your course.

Get organised

Returning to study can be a difficult transition, especially if you have been out of the education game for a while. Devising a timetable to schedule lectures and study sessions throughout the week will make the transition much easier to handle, and enable you to lead a balanced existence.

As part of your timetable identify priorities and set realistic goals on a weekly or monthly basis. Celebrating milestones throughout your postgraduate education will help you to evaluate and reflect on progress and make the overall experience even more satisfying.

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October 9, 2017

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