As a new Mum, going out for your birthday may be the last thing on your mind but while painting the town red may be a distant memory, it is important to blow off steam every once in a while. With this in mind, here are four pocket-friendly ways to celebrate your birthday that won’t break the bank.

Celebrate on a Week Night

Enjoying a birthday night out as a new Mum is a totally different experience to going out in your twenties when the only person you had to think about was yourself. Therefore, creating a social life that fits in with your current lifestyle and budget is essential in order to enjoy your night. Break yourself in gently and organise a birthday night out with your closest friends. Keep it casual and choose a weeknight as not only will it not be overwhelmingly busy, the prices of drinks will be cheaper and you can take advantage of any two for one deals on cocktails.

Try Something Different

If you don’t fancy venturing back to busy bars that you used to go to before you had a baby, why not try something new? Enjoying a night out is all about finding your comfort zone not forcing yourself to fit back into your pre-pregnancy routine. So, do your research to find out about affordable local events that are going on in your area. If an expensive dinner doesn’t appeal to you, save a few pounds by going to a pub quiz or a comedy night somewhere like Comedy Carnival may be a better option.

Make an Afternoon of It

Celebrating your birthday doesn’t have to take place on an evening. Why not make an afternoon of it? There are plenty of cafes that serve afternoon tea which is the perfect end to a day of window shopping with friends.

Plan a Girl’s Night In

If you don’t want to have to arrange and pay for the expense of childcare, why don’t you plan a night in? You can throw a luxurious spa style party and pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home. Get creative and head to the pages of Pinterest for inspiration when planning the ultimate girl’s night in.

So, there you have it, four ways to enjoy your birthday without breaking the bank.

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September 4, 2017

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