When flying with children, one can suffer from a lot of stress. While kids can be rambunctious and energetic, they can also be entertained easily. When parents properly teach their children how to behave, they will have an easier time relaxing on the plane. Here are six tips to keep you sane while traveling with your kids.

Sleep: Kids should be tired when boarding the plane. When suffering from fatigue, an overactive kid will sit still in his or her seat. To make sure that children do not have excess energy, wake up your kids early on the day of the flight. A tired child is likely to fall asleep once the plane has reached its cruising altitude.

Food: At the airport, take your kids to a restaurant for a sizable meal. However, make sure not to give your kids caffeine-filled beverages. Remember, a comfortable and full traveler will have an easy time relaxing and falling asleep.

Seat: Unless your kid needs to frequently get up and walk around, make sure he or she sits next to a window. Not only will they enjoy staring out the window and watching the view (especially during takeoff and landing) but they will be able to sleep more comfortably. If you’re travelling with two children and the option is available, seat one child on each side of you.
Activities: When packing, pack some games, books, and activities.

Have your kids carry their own small backpacks with activities and snacks, that way they can get them out whenever they want. Bring activities that are airplane-friendly, such as coloring books and crayons, playing cards, or electronic video games. Don’t pack games that have many little pieces, as they will get lost. Make sure to pack some chewing gum (depending on the ages of the children) as takeoffs and landings can be tough on ears, and chewing gum can help relieve the pressure.
Tasks: When kids are busy with tasks, they will stay occupied. You can give your child a small task, such as something to be in charge of. For example, ask your child to be responsible for filling out the address stickers and tags. This gives the child a sense of responsibility and importance, and keeps them occupied.

Rewards: Kids can get cranky, especially on long flights. Promise them a fun reward once you get to your destination if they behave nicely the whole time. The reward can be in the form of a special activity, an ice cream, or some other prize—and then make sure to keep your promise!


Rent your own space: The limited space on a commercial airline can sometimes make kids (and adults) uncomfortable, and can lead to them bothering the people around. For extra comfort and convenience, a private jet charter can definitely be a good choice. Kids will have lot of room to play, and you can relax and just enjoy the ride.

The tips above should help you and your kids get through the flight happy and in one piece. Happy travelling!

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September 5, 2017

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