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Beautiful, fragile dinnerware deserves to be passed down from generation to generation. The best way to do that is to store the dinnerware in ways that will keep it from breaking, scratching, cracking or chipping. Here are five tips to store dinnerware in ways that will keep it in good shape for decades to come.

Use Cushions

Plates and bowls can scratch each other when they’re stacked on top of each other. The homeowner should cut out circles of felt or use plain paper plates and place these between the plates as a cushion. Even coffee filters that are laid flat are good for this.

Store Cups and Mugs Rim Side Up

Placing cups and mugs rim side up will protect them against chipping. Less valuable mugs and cups can be hung from cup hooks. However, this should be avoided in the case of really valuable pieces or mugs and cups that have been repaired. Since most mugs and cups aren’t very tall, the homeowner can buy coated wire racks, place them between the shelves and double the storage space.

Secure Lids

Secure lids to their vessels with waxed twine so they don’t fall off when they are taken down from a high shelf. The best way is to wrap the twine in a figure eight around the handles and over the lid.

Hang Plates With Care

Some homeowners like to hang especially pretty plates on the wall, but with fragile plates the very act of hanging them can damage them. The homeowner should make sure they buy a plate hanger that’s appropriate for the size and weight of the plate. To avoid the rims being chipped or scratched, a bit of cotton can be placed over the claws of the plate hanger.

Pack Them Away Properly

Dinnerware that’s not used as often might be packed away and placed in a storage unit, like Phoenix AZ storage units. The boxes should be made specifically to hold china and fine dinnerware. In the case of dishes, a dish should be laid in the center of a pile of packing paper then covered completely with more packing paper. Another dish should be laid on top of it and also covered. Then, the two plates should be turned over, completely wrapped again then stood end up in a small box that’s already lined with packing paper. More wrapped dishes should be added until the box is about full. Then, the top and sides of the box should be stuffed with even more paper or bubble wrap, the lid should be closed, secured and marked “Fragile. This Side Up.”

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September 29, 2017

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