1/365 Happy New Year

There’s something special about the holiday season that motivates you to get things done. There are parties to look forward to, special time with family and a feeling of love and camaraderie for all.

Now that January has come around, that special holiday atmosphere has dissipated somewhat. However, the New Year is the perfect time to make resolutions and to set yourself up for a great year to come. Here are five things you can do right away to start the New Year off right!

1. Put away Christmas decorations quickly and properly

Think back to the start of the holiday season. Was it easy to find all your decorations? If so, try to put everything back in the same organized fashion. If not, then do it right this year! Label boxes based on their content. Pull Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations out of the storage area and stack Christmas boxes furthest back, followed by Thanksgiving, with Halloween decorations at the front. You’ll thank yourself next year. In addition to putting it back neatly, you’re going to want to pack everything away quickly. Leave the artificial tree up until New Year’s Eve if you want to, but put it away before January 1 to give yourself a head start for 2013.

Clean up before you put the furniture back in place

Chances are you had to push the couch back or relocate a chair to make room for the Christmas tree and other holiday decorations. Empty tables may have been adorned with candy dishes, holiday figurines and other knick-knacks. Before you put everything back in place, vacuum and dust every accessible surface. That way, your spring-cleaning chores will be much more manageable when the time comes.

Donate extra clothes (because you don’t need 100 pairs of Christmas socks)

With all your new Christmas clothes, your closet and drawers could be crammed with a several items you simply don’t wear anymore. If you got a bizarre sweater from Grandma and new socks from all your aunts and uncles, this could be a great excuse to get rid of some. You may also simply want to clear out your wardrobe. Either way, after-Christmas donations are happily accepted. After all, everyone remembers to give during the holiday season, but come January, many charities run dry.

Clean out all the holiday food from your refrigerator

A great way to use leftovers is to remake old meals into something new. Transform containers of turkey and ham into a tasty homemade soup or Paninis. As long as the food hasn’t spoiled, try to find some use for your leftovers. Grind vegetables into baby food, add meaty morsels to your dog’s food dish or make donations to the local food bank.

Set a goal for the New Year

Realize one thing you want to change and set a goal that will make it happen. It might be to lose weight, to stay in touch with your family better or to get out of debt. Whatever your objective, start now by taking the first steps toward making it a reality. Write down your goals and keep yourself on track by reporting on your progress to a trusted friend or family member.

This can be a great year if you get started today! Get all the holiday remains out of sight and start the New Year off right by setting an achievable goal. You can do this!


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September 7, 2017

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