The Golden Age of Tarantino

Django Unchained is a good movie. It is so good, in fact, that it has been nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Its chances, of course are not that good, as between Lincoln, Argo and Zero Dark Thirty the Best Picture is pretty much locked up. But Django is still a great movie, worth every bit of critical recognition and it features some of hte best performances this year, including Christoph Waltz’ Golden Globe winning one. The movie has of course caught the customary flak associated with a Tarantino production including quite a bit of a stir caused over the film’s liberal use of racial slurs. But despite the movie’s perceived weaknesses almost no people have contested it cinematographically. In fact some are hailing it as Tarantino’s best work yet.

This raises an interesting issue. Tarantino has never really been a prolific director. He made his mark with seven films in two decades along a smattering of guest director roles. And yet people keep looking back at  ‘the golden age’ of Tarantino at either the early 90s or the early 00s.

To be fair, his first two movies were extremely popular and massive hits with the critics as well. Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction were breaths of fresh air, movies that wore their schlocky, pulpy hearts on their sleeves and that delivered in every respect that a movie is required to from dialogue to cinematography. Today, these classics are still popular; for instance, Pulp Fiction is one of the most watched ‘cult’ movies that Time Warner offers through its on-line streaming services and Reservoir Dogs  is taught in cinematography classes everywhere. While Jackie Brown wasn’t as popular, perhaps because it lacked the ‘cool’ factor it still was an extremely  enjoyable movie.

The second ‘Golden Age’ of Tarantino is claimed to be in the first half of the last decade when the two Kill Bill movies came out. Tarantino’s own favourites, the two movies blended Spaghetti Western and Kung-Fu in a twisted weird conception of what an action movie should be. The definitive Tarantino films, they too paid homage to their roots while presenting his bold take on the art of cinema.

Cut to today, and his movies from the last few years. Django Unchained is an Oscar Nominee while Inglorious Basterds is perhaps one of the most coherent movies with a disjointed plot ever made. Both were big critical hits and both drew massive crowds in theatres. So why isn’t today the Golden Age of Tarantino? Perhaps more time needs to pass or perhaps Tarantino has to put out a third consecutive good movie (perhaps the long-awaited Kill Bill threequel). Maybe we just have to accept that there is no Golden Age of Tarantino: all his movies are good and the director holds himself to higher cinematographic standards than any fan or critic. Perhaps we just need to wait and see what he comes up with next.

Fashion Trends: The Best Rings for Men



Rings are one of the best and well-liked choice men’s fashion accessories. It can make them look handsome, up-to-date and smart. But, one must keep in mind that men’s rings are different than those of women’s in every aspect, whether its style, pattern or design. The following are the list of kinds of rings embellished by stylish men.

Weddings rings

The kind of ring always reminds us of an elegant-looking diamond ring for women. However with a number of styles and designs in men’s jewelry now even men can also wear a centerfold and high fashion ring for their wedding. It is one of the most symbolic pieces of jewelry a man can have.

Black diamond rings

Black diamond rings are the fresh fad in men’s accessories. You can get a wide selection of styles and layouts as far as black diamond rings are concerned.

Moonstone rings

One more classic choice of ring is the moonstone rings. These rings are definitely cost-effective selection for you and when they come with a silver base they look certainly marvelous.

Promise rings

Promise rings are the hardest and a bit tricky to find the perfect one. However once they are worn they are absolutely a fashion statement and also mirrors the promise made to your loved one.

Diamond rings

Diamond rings is the impeccable choice when it comes to men’s rings. Although sometimes men who are seen wearing this type of ring as a fashion accessory is a bit fancy but they are definitely heighten your essence and give you a refined outlook.

Titanium rings

These types of accessories are also great style statement for men. The designs and structures flaunt manliness in many more ways than one. These days, titanium wedding rings are also at hand, which can certainly stand for the love.

Biker’s rings

Men and bikes are best friends. Amongst many other bikers’ accessories biker’s rings also hold an important place. Biker’s rings for men are mostly made of metal and have an athletic appearance.

Even if it is wedding rings for men or just any other kind of fashionable and chic ring, rings absolutely play a significant role in men’s fashion. They give a guy a tough guy image or an elegant and classy appeal. Moreover, it is a useful item in showing how deep and passionate his loves is for his woman and so the best ring is your perfect choice to express the real you.

Treat yourself to some remarkable jewelry with our collection of rings for men. Our silver and plated hip hop rings are enriched with cubic zirconia diamond stones and a high-end rhodium finish for the platinum, white gold shine. These iced out bling bling men’s rings are inspired by world renowned designer jewelry worn by celebrities, like David Beckham, Nelly, P. Diddy, Jay-Z, 50-Cent, Kanye West and many more! For more information, visit our website.

Why discounted designer sunglasses are preferred?

Who wore sunglasses for the first time? The question might be unanswerable by most of the people, but one thing is sure, which is the person might have looked funny and made fun of. Sunglasses look funny if seen individually. Wear them and you will become one of the smartest persons alive. The sunglasses trend never goes out of fashion.


Wear Sunglasses to look different

Add charisma to your personality by flaunting the designer glasses, easily available. Choose a smart pair of Designer Sunglasses Discount that makes you look different and fashionable. They are the ultimate fashion accessories and go well with any kind of outfit. They will never go out of style because they have never been. So, how will you find that perfect pair of designer sunglasses that make you look chic and elegant? It might seem a little difficult but it is not much if you pay attention to little nuances. Take a look at all the pair of designer sunglasses that are on display. Short list the sunglasses, which you liked on the first sight. Choose the one that highlights the features of your face and fits you perfectly. Continue reading

How to Keep Your Sanity on a Camping Trip

Camping trips are fun for all of the family. You can spend hours wandering in the countryside, climbing trees and playing games before snuggling down in front of the campfire for some toasted marshmallows and ghost stories.

But behind these fantastic holidays is normally a lot of hard work. A great deal of planning goes into any trip, but when you’re literally moving yourselves hook, line and sinker to the great outdoors, you can start to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Coping with life without electric lights and TV can be stressful especially with children in tow. So to make sure you keep your sanity throughout, here are some tips to help you cope with life in the wilderness.

Stay organized

Even if you’re a tidy person at home, you’ll need to double your efforts on a camping trip. Ensuring that your tent is clean and tidy and will make it easier for you to relax and enjoy yourself.

No one really wants to do the cleaning on holiday, but a tidy camp with make life easier for everyone. Trying to find a missing torch in the dark or tripping over the Frisbee on the way to the toilets will only make the trip more stressful.

Try and keep washing up to a minimum. It can be tempting to purchase all of the latest gadgets from the camping shop, but the more plates, cookers, pans and kettles you bring, the more time you’ll spend scrubbing away at burnt on baked beans.

If you can, plan your meals before you leave, this way there’ll be no emergency shopping trips. If you have a cooler you can even cook meals at home, freeze them and then defrost them when you’re there.

Coping with children

Having children on a camping holiday can be hours of fun and help to bring out your own inner child. But bored children are no fun for anybody.

Pack plenty of outdoor games to get them running around, even just a bat and ball can be hours of fun, but if you can bring a variety of games, even better.

Most good campsites will have play areas for children

Most good campsites will have play areas for children

A lot of family friendly campsites will have play areas for kids to run wild in. And once they’ve met a few of the other children, you probably won’t see them until the sun goes down.

Try not to worry about your children’s normal routines; this will only make life more stressful for them and for you. Bedtimes and mealtimes often go out of the window, so as long as they’re getting enough food and sleep, try not to panic.

Coping with the weather

Unless you’re lucky enough to live on an island in the Mediterranean, the chances are you’ll hit some adverse weather during your trip. Although this can put a bit of a dampener on things, it doesn’t have to ruin your holiday.

If you’re just dealing with a short shower, a few board games or books should suffice. Playing cards don’t take up much room in your luggage, but can take care of hours and hours of rain and boredom.

However if it’s a longer spell of wet weather, try and get out an about. Staying cramped up in your tent will test everyone’s sanity and put a strain on your trip. Investing in one of the larger cheap vango tents might help ease the claustrophobia.

Most campsites will be able to give you a list of nearby attractions you can visit. Anything from swimming pools to castles should help fill the time.

Don’t let damp conditions ruin your holiday

Don’t let damp conditions ruin your holiday

Sleep well

Finally, make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. You may think of camping as being cold and uncomfortable, but it really doesn’t have to be.

Try Investing in a good inflatable mattress, this will not only give you a softer surface, it will also keep you off the ground, giving you vital insulation from the cold.

A good quality sleeping bag is also well worth the money. There’s nothing worse than waking up freezing cold at 3am.

Look for sleeping bags that are good for all seasons and have soft, insulating linings. If you’re travelling with a partner, consider a double sleeping bag as this will provide extra warmth.

So there you have it. Staying organized, staying dry, staying entertained and getting enough sleep will all help to keep your sanity on your next camping trip.

But, just in case, think about packing an emergency iPod so you can turn up the music and block everyone else out if things get a bit much.


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5 Tips and Tricks for Storing and Preserving Fragile Dinnerware

Fancy Dinnerware

Beautiful, fragile dinnerware deserves to be passed down from generation to generation. The best way to do that is to store the dinnerware in ways that will keep it from breaking, scratching, cracking or chipping. Here are five tips to store dinnerware in ways that will keep it in good shape for decades to come.

Use Cushions

Plates and bowls can scratch each other when they’re stacked on top of each other. The homeowner should cut out circles of felt or use plain paper plates and place these between the plates as a cushion. Even coffee filters that are laid flat are good for this.

Store Cups and Mugs Rim Side Up

Placing cups and mugs rim side up will protect them against chipping. Less valuable mugs and cups can be hung from cup hooks. However, this should be avoided in the case of really valuable pieces or mugs and cups that have been repaired. Since most mugs and cups aren’t very tall, the homeowner can buy coated wire racks, place them between the shelves and double the storage space.

Secure Lids

Secure lids to their vessels with waxed twine so they don’t fall off when they are taken down from a high shelf. The best way is to wrap the twine in a figure eight around the handles and over the lid.

Hang Plates With Care

Some homeowners like to hang especially pretty plates on the wall, but with fragile plates the very act of hanging them can damage them. The homeowner should make sure they buy a plate hanger that’s appropriate for the size and weight of the plate. To avoid the rims being chipped or scratched, a bit of cotton can be placed over the claws of the plate hanger.

Pack Them Away Properly

Dinnerware that’s not used as often might be packed away and placed in a storage unit, like Phoenix AZ storage units. The boxes should be made specifically to hold china and fine dinnerware. In the case of dishes, a dish should be laid in the center of a pile of packing paper then covered completely with more packing paper. Another dish should be laid on top of it and also covered. Then, the two plates should be turned over, completely wrapped again then stood end up in a small box that’s already lined with packing paper. More wrapped dishes should be added until the box is about full. Then, the top and sides of the box should be stuffed with even more paper or bubble wrap, the lid should be closed, secured and marked “Fragile. This Side Up.”

Author Bio

This article was written Dixie Somers on behalf of To learn more about storage units in Phoenix, AZ, check out their website at:

Themes and Styles for Selecting a Perfect Vintage Themed Kitchen

If you are a lover of all things vintage then there’s a fairly good chance that your home reflects your passion.

For those who are drawn to the charm of the past, it is a joy to be surrounded by reminders of a gentler and perhaps simpler bygone age.

One of the best canvasses for displaying your vintage style is the kitchen; this is because by their very nature, kitchens are the essence of all things honest and homely…and what is vintage style if not honest and homely?

However, if you love the looks which graced a number of different eras then it can be difficult to plump for your favourite when it comes to pinning down a theme for your kitchen.

Some help is at hand though…a little wander through some of the best decades should get you started on the right vintage track for your needs!

Original vintage kitchen accessories add charm to a 1930s style kitchen.

Original vintage kitchen accessories add charm to a 1930s style kitchen.

The 1930s Look, subtle and chic

The 1930s provide excellent inspiration for kitchens as this era was a particularly interesting one with regards to style…often described as a sort of dream time, a lull between the wars where softness and glamour was sought out.

The look for the 1930s kitchen that is the most workable is without a doubt a country-look. Traditional and functional with colours ranging from pale powder blue through to bright orange, utility green and cheerful poppy-red.

Prints were still soft and pretty although a hangover from the 1920s meant despite geometric prints still being around to some extent, there was mainly a proliferation of floral prints.

If this is a look you hanker after, there are a number of easy ways to update your kitchen in order to obtain an authentic look.

Keep units plain with preferably a natural finish; if this is not an option, and then paint your existing worktops in cream or white melamine paint or another suitable covering.

Boldly coloured units and original accessories give this 1960s inspired kitchen the wow factor!

Boldly coloured units and original accessories give this 1960s inspired kitchen the wow factor!

Adding touches such as fabric skirts to your under-sink area will give a quaint and pretty feel to the room…especially if you get the print right! Match your curtains to the skirt but don’t fall into the trap of having too much of the same print in one room!

Instead, try to find complementary prints in similar colours, this stops the room from being too matched-up and achieves a slightly eclectic, cottagey feel.

Search out vintage pieces to add charm including crockery and kitchenalia. These can still be found cheaply at charity shops in towns and cities around the country.

The 1950s look; cheerful and fun

For the perfect 1950s style kitchen, look back to Doris Day movies! Think gingham, think frilly, think feminine.

The 50s were not incredibly different to the 30s in many ways, fittings were still plain and functional but novelty had crept into styling in a big way.

This was the era of the fun print; poodles, pussy cats and bows…figurative fabric was big and kitchen fabrics sported fruit, vegetables and even cocktails!

You can go the whole hog and search out original curtains on auction sites, or choose from the proliferation of retro prints which are readily available online or in stores.

Again, look out for original crockery and kitchen equipment in charity shops and online. You can buy a complete set of dinnerware or tumblers for very little.

The 1970s: earthy and natural

By the 1970s the look had completely changed and whilst bright colours were still around in the form of bright geometric floral prints in eye watering shades of pink, turquoise and orange, there was a definite move towards earthy colours.

Browns and shades of green and burgundy were big as were natural displays of dried flowers whilst statement textiles were also all the rage.

To achieve a 1970s look in your kitchen, look for tile stickers with retro prints to give the walls a makeover.

Vintage 1970s dinnerware displayed on open shelving is eye catching and if dried flowers aren’t your thing, a window-sill full of fresh herbs will add to the natural look of the room and provide a handy “kitchen garden” to boot.


Creating a vintage style kitchen is simple even if your kitchen fittings are modern, visit a site like Nicholas Anthony for inspiration. The trick is to neutralise your basics and then add accessories from the era which you admire. This can be done very cheaply, especially if you keep an eye out in junk shops and online auctions.


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Flood Risk Analysis – Vital in Architectural Planning

There’s no doubt that the UK had one of the wettest years on record in 2012 and flooding was a widespread problem in many low lying areas. This has led to a greater understanding and need for flood risk analysis by architects, builders, insurance companies and home owners. In this article we explore what flood risk analysis is and why it is vital in architectural planning.

What is Flood Risk Analysis?
Flood Risk Analysis, also referred to as Flood Risk Assessment is a survey which is produced by a professional to determine the risk of flooding in a particular area. The assessment includes a number of different factors. The first is the historic risk of flooding in the area. In order to complete this section of the application, a variety of different sources are looked at to see if and when the area has previously flooded and the circumstances surrounding it.

Some areas, especially those near rivers, are prone to flooding

Some areas, especially those near rivers, are prone to flooding

The next section of the assessment includes a summary of information on the future flood risk based on primary information supplied by the Environmental Agencies national datasets. These are projections which take into account elements such as rising sea levels, and increased rainfall projections to see if in the future, the area is likely to be prone to flooding.

Why is it Vital in Architectural Planning?
Flood risk analysis is vital when planning new building projects as it not only determines whether building work should take place but also any restrictions, complications or specific building materials that might need to be used. For example if an architect is planning a new housing estate, a flood risk analysis might bring to light any sections within the area that are prone to flooding. This may affect the placement of the houses and the type of construction used such as additional foundations being required if subsistence is likely to occur as a result of flooding.

If flood risk assessment doesn’t take place, people might buy homes that are in an area where flooding will cause damage to their homes, their contents and maybe affect their personal safety. Some insurance companies will not offer building or contents insurance in an area where there is the potential of flooding so it’s vital to find out before building work takes place if flooding is likely to occur now or in the future.

Flooding can be very costly for insurance companies and cause devastation for home owners

Flooding can be very costly for insurance companies and cause devastation for home owners

With land being at a premium in the UK, it is possible for architects to be able to plan to build on flood-prone land if they know in advance that flooding may occur. In order to build, they merely need to follow different guidelines and ensure the placement and materials used in the construction are suitable for water-logged areas.

There is also a legal requirement as part of the planning process for flood risk analysis to be done as part of the planning application process in the UK. This ensures certain criteria are adhered to when building on flood-prone land, alleviating problems that might arise later.

If you are looking to hire Architects in Watford, for your flood risk analysis be sure to contact Architects Corporation.


Image credits: Tomfoley and Global Water Partnership

Bullet to the Head Movie Review

Bullet to the Head Movie Review
With a blend of main characters with opposite personalities that is shown both in comedy and tension, the famous action filmmaker Walter Hill has come up with a new action crime thriller named ‘Bullet to the Head’. The movie is led by the adrenaline-rush king, Sylvester Stallone. The characters of this movie and fight scenes have completely done justice to the script.

The movie follows the hitman Jimmy Bonomo (Stallone) and his partner Louis Blanchard (Jon Seda) who received a task to kill Hank Greely (Halt McCallany. When they went to the bar to get paid for their completed task where they were deceived by Keegan who kills Louis. This brings Detective Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang) who reached there to investigate on the dual murder. Jimmy and Taylor works together on this. The movie goes ahead with interesting and stunning action scenes and with the complete opposite personalities of Jimmy and Taylor. Keegan, who has killed Hank and Louis, has become the common enemy for both Jimmy and Taylor.

Alessandro Camon, the screenwriter of the movie ‘Bullet to the Head’ based the script of the movie on the popular French novel ‘Du Plobm Dans La Tete,’ failed to adapt the motivation of the lead character on the big screen.

The fights and stunts of the movie are worth applaud as JJ Perry and Noon Orsatti have displayed what they are capable of. The two stunts coordinators worked with the characters to give the stunts a unique style of the characters.

The settings of the movie are perfectly planned, be it an isolated market place or a power plant. Stallone has been working in action movies since 1970. Even after reaching the age of 66, there is no compromise in his acting and action skills. Stallone has once again proved himself that there is no dedicated actor like him. He has played the character of the protagonist who has taken the laws in his own hands to seek justice.

If you like to see the action thriller movies, then ‘Bullet to the head’ is a must watch movie with lots to see in it. Stallone fans can go and watch this movie without having any second thoughts in their mind. This movie is worth every dollar you will spend. There are many viewers who have watch the lion king edinburgh playhouse. Book your tickets today to get it at lower rate.


Can Spirituality and Religion Reduce the Risk of Substance Abuse?

Can Spirituality and Religion Reduce the Risk of Substance AbuseDetermining what role, if any, God plays in the complex arena of addiction and substance abuse is often a hotly contested issue. While some experts in the field acknowledge the beneficial advantages of leaning on religion to battle the demons of drugs and alcohol, many psychiatrists deny having a foundation of faith can reduce the chances of addiction. Although substance abuse is widespread and just about anyone can fall into its trap, there are a few popular ideas when it comes to substance abuse and the link to spirituality.

The Church Doesn’t Deny There’s a Problem

There may be conflicting methods when it comes to healing addiction but the church as a whole acknowledges the epidemic of substance abuse and its negative effects on their congregation. When it comes to ridding oneself of the hold of drugs and alcohol, God is the only solution according to church doctrine. Surprisingly, very few clergymen have actual training to deal with substance abuse within their flock even though a large percentage of personal problems reported to the clergy are substance abuse related.

With God as the Focus, There is Less Interest in Drugs and Alcohol

Studies have shown that regularly attending worship services from a young age and having a foundation of faith makes one less likely to try illicit substances in the first place. If they ARE tried, believing in God and being an active participant in a religion can reduce the risk of continued usage, leading to addiction. Those who achieve happiness and satisfaction from their chosen belief system very often simply have no interest in mind-altering substances. This is not to say of course, that they are immune, but there IS a difference in the population among those who have a strong belief system and those who do not.

Having Something to Believe In Matters

More and more people are turning to drugs and alcohol with the ever-mounting stresses of the world. Financial problems seem never-ending and it is getting harder to cope. People who follow an organized religion or just consider themselves spiritual are often able to have hope in the midst of a tough situation. Believing in a master plan can take some of the burden away and make the circumstances a little easier to deal with.

Overall, spirituality and religion should be used comprehensively with traditional methods to ensure the best chances of reducing the risk of substance abuse in society.

Author Bio

Hayley is a substance abuse counselor and blogger residing in Florida. If you or someone you is suffering from substance addiction, Delray Recovery Center may help.

Stay Green And Reduce your Energy Bills


Saving money in the current economy is a heavy challenge. Low paying salaries, sky high fuel bills and increasing taxes – how on earth are we supposed to cut our expenditure, and increase our bank balance at the same time? I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear me say; “There are no shortcuts”, but there are ways and means to make the best of a bad situation. Let’s explore our options, and remember – it’s the accumulation of lots of small steps that make big differences.

Lights, Bulbs, Save!

During spring and summer months some of us still have our lights on for the majority of the day. One bathroom light here and a little hallway light there all adds up and contributes slowly to the expensive energy bill by the end of month.

One vital tip would be to purchase energy efficient light bulbs. They are cheap and provide outstanding performance. Hence, start replacing your light bulbs, until you whole home is lit bulbs that don’t cost a fortune. Another thing is the garden lighting, which turns on during the day. Do you really need to light up the foot path every time a cat walks past?

Earth, Wind and Money

Depending on which climate area you live, many of us are spending a fortune to heat our properties, only for the heat to leave through poorly insulated doors, windows and, of course, the roof! And don’t forget the floor – apparently 15% of your home’s heat is lost through the floor.

However, in the UK the government scheme Green Deal was launched at the end of January this year, which was introduced to help British residents improve their properties. This means initial funding for people, who are willing to insulate their homes and help them save money.

Moreover, double glazed windows will provide outstanding insulation and will save you lots of money on your energy bills. It’s also very important to fit an energy efficient door, as this can also be a huge factor in poor home energy efficiency. Loft insulation is the cheapest form of home insulation but is possibly one of the most effective ways of conserving energy.

Remember, you may feel strange spending money on your property (especially when you are trying to save money), but you will reap the rewards in the long term.

Get Hot and Steamy

You might want to reconsider if you are thinking of taking a bath instead of a shower. Of course it isn’t much of a disaster to take a bath once in a while. However, you should know how much it costs to run a bath. One single bath uses enough water for at least two or three people to have a shower.

Imagine, you live with three or four people, who all take a bath every night! Now think about how much money and water you could save by switching to showers.


Sachi writes content for ‘Yale door’, a composite doors manufacturer based in the UK. When Sachi isn’t writing about doors he enjoys finding new and interesting ways to use web technology to enhance our lives.